Seungri will be released from prison on Feb 11th… Will Big Bang brothers welcome their youngest member?

Will Seungri be able to resume entertainment activities after getting released from prison?

According to reports, former Big Bang member Seungri is scheduled to be released from prison on February 11th.

Earlier, Seungri was put on trial on charges of habitually gambling 1,883,000 dollars (about 2.221 billion won) 8 times from December 2013 to August 2017. In the first trial, Seungri was found to have committed 9 charges and sentenced to 3 years in prison with a fine of 1.156.9 billion won. However, in the second trial, the court accepted Seungri’s claim of unfair sentencing and reduced the punishment to 1 year and 6 months without any additional fine. 

big bang seungri jail

Seungri then appealed to the Supreme Court, but his imprisonment sentence was confirmed with no changes at the appeal trial in May last year.

Later, Seungri, who was kept in the Military Prison while maintaining his status as a military soldier, has been transferred to a private prison and is about to be released soon when his imprisonment period expires. 

Therefore, what’s arousing keen attention from netizens is how long it will take Seungri to resume his entertainment activities.


In fact, the Burning Sun Scandal was a hot topic for such a long time that a bad impression has been imprinted on public opinion towards people involved in the case. Since Seungri is now better known for being a member of “Jung Joon Young’s group chatroom” rather than his main job as a singer and Big Bang member, people believe that it would take him a considerable amount of time and effort to reverse the cold public gaze even after getting released from prison.

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