Sehun (EXO) told the story of being used by a close friend, fans found out the identity of this person

Through an interview on W Korea this month, the youngest of EXO revealed the story about his house being ransacked by a friend who stayed at his home for a few days.

Recently, 2 members of EXOSehun and Chanyeol – have had a photoshoot with the magazine W Korea to prepare for their debut as a sub-unit in the upcoming July. They will release a mini album to mark the birth of the 2nd EXO’s sub-unit after EXO-CBX’s success.

Apart from the photoshoot, both male idols have spent some time answering the interview from W Korea. The theme was mostly about their entertainment activity and daily life. That was when the youngest of EXO started to tell a bad experience of him.

Sehun (EXO) told the story of being used by a close friend, fans found out the identity of this person

Specifically, Sehun once let a close friend stay at his house for a few days when Sehun himself had to go abroad for his job. However, when he returned, Sehun found his house in a messy state, clothes being strewn everywhere with sign of being used by the aforementioned friend.

The story of Sehun has upset many EXO-L and they had decided to find out the identity of that friend. Among Sehun’s friend, there’s a guy name Kim Hyunbin who went to the same high school with the male idol at his hometown. This guy has appeared many times on Sehun’s Instagram and usually hang out with him at many restaurants, saunas, cinemas,…It seems like the EXO member really treasures this friendship even when he has become a famous celebrity.

However, instead of supporting his friend, this Hyunbin has done many negative things to Sehun. There are proofs of him hanging out with EXO’s sasaeng fans at a bar. Even though he is Sehun’s best friend, Hyunbin has revealed many of Sehun’s private life secret to these sasaeng fans. Not stopping at that, he constantly posts photos of places where Sehun has visited which annoys fans.

Hyunbin went out with EXO’s sasaeng fan.
Hyunbin went out with EXO’s sasaeng fan.

After Sehun revealed the story of him being used by his close friend, EXO-L all believe that the mentioned friend is definitely Hyunbin. At the moment, this man has deleted all photos on SNS to avoid being attacked by EXO’s fans.

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