Security expert “V and Jennie’s photos aren’t photoshopped…There’s a possibility of asking for money with sensitive photos”

Former entertainment reporter Lee Jin-ho analyzed the leakage of couple photos of BLACKPINK Jennie (real name Kim Jennie) and BTS V (real name Kim Tae-hyung) through an interview with a security expert (white hacker) in the domestic security industry.

On August 29th, Lee Jin-ho uploaded a video titled “I asked a hacker | The reason why V ♥ Jennie’s photos started to be leaked” on his YouTube channel.

On this day, A, a security expert (white hacker) in the domestic security industry, claimed that the leaked photos of V and Jennie were not photoshopped.

A explained, “I can’t see any evidence of editing in the pictures. It seems that the two’s mobile phones or iCloud accounts got hacked.”

He added, “All photos are stored on mobile phones or iCloud accounts. If they are hacked, the photos will inevitably be leaked.”

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He judged that the hacker may have leaked V and Jennie‘s pictures for money or fame, “If the pictures were leaked from an acquaintance, the two may have suffered hacking damage as the acquaintance saved the pictures he/she received from V or Jennie on his/her mobile phone.”

A diagnosed, “The purpose of releasing photos one by one is to get the victim’s attention, saying, ‘I have sensitive information.'”

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Regarding this, Lee Jin-ho asked, “How much ransom do people usually ask for pictures like this?”, A answered, “They could ask for whatever amount they want. Usually for very personal pictures, they don’t even leak them. They just show the person directly and ask for tens of millions or hundreds of millions of won. The most I’ve seen was for 1.5 billion won.”

Furthermore, A expressed his concern, “If you did get hacked, you could get monitored. From smart banking to mobile things, you can do everything with your phone these days. You have to be careful about that.”

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However, A dismissed the possibility that only messengers, not mobile phones, were hacked. He said, “Places like Kakao Talk only save data for 3 days. I don’t think there’s a possibility that old photos will be leaked if only the messenger was hacked.”

Source: segye

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