Hyun Bin, the Busy Hedgehog Dad… Handsome Even with Long Hair

Hyun Bin perfectly pulled off the long hair look.

On the 24th, VAST Entertainment, the agency of actor Hyun Bin, stated that “the reason why Hyun Bin is busy 365 days a year is because he’s trying to be innocent, sexy, and cute all at once, leaving no time for rest.”

hyun bin

In the recently released photos, Hyun Bin is seen showcasing a diverse range of charms.

Above all, Hyun Bin’s good looks are enhanced by his long hair and beard, which are sure to captivate many hearts.

Meanwhile, in March of last year, Hyun Bin married actress Son Ye-jin and welcomed a son in November of the same year. He also chose the film ‘Harbin’ as his next project. ‘Harbin’ is a spy action blockbuster that depicts the story of independence fighters who risked their lives to regain Korea, which was taken by the Japanese Empire in Harbin, far away from their homeland in 1909. Hyun Bin plays the role of Ahn Jung-geun, a lieutenant general in the Korean Army, who is remembered by all in the drama.

Source: Nate

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