Sandara Park got her first fillers 1 month before debuting with 2NE1?

In a recent TV program, Sandara Park made a sudden confession about getting fillers before debut, drawing attention. 

On the July 18th episode of the JTBC program “Salty Dangpo”, representatives from girl groups of different Kpop generations, including Chae Rina, Narsha, Sandara Park, and ITZY Chaeryeong appeared.

Among them, Narsha is a prime example of debuting from a small company and achieving success. Talking about her experience, Narsha coolly discussed plastic surgery and beauty procedures, saying, “They told us to (get plastic surgery) a week before appearing on music shows. I was so surprised. I wondered if it was okay to go on the show in such a condition.”

sandara park

Narsha also added, “I was jealous of the girl groups from large entertainment companies. They all looked so pretty, and their outfits were so beautiful.” 

In response to Narsha, Sandara Park replied, “Actually, we also invested a lot in music videos and outfits. We poured a lot into training, but a month before our debut, they suddenly told us to go to a dermatologist.” 

sandara park

Accordingly, Sandara Park got her first fillers 1 month before debuting with 2NE1, and this confession took everyone by surprise.

“We were the first girl group from YG”, the female idol also said, before evoking laughter by saying, “Before that, it was all male artists who achieved success, so we didn’t know how to do girl group activities.” 

On the other hand, Sandara Park recently dropped her mini album “Sandara Park” with the title song “Festival” on July 12th, 

Source: Nate

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