Sandara Park “2NE1 is me, a house I can always return to”

2NE1 is a representative star of the second generation of K-pop

Songs like “Fire”, “I Am the Best”, “I Don’t Care”, “Go Away” and “Lonely” released by them laid the foundation of K-pop, spreading not only across Asia but also reaching Europe.

Meeting 2NE1’s Sandara Park in Thailand, she expressed her determination, “This year feels like the beginning of something good. I want to make a year where Sandara Park’s name is remembered not only in music but also in variety shows and acting.”

sandara park

Beside Sandara Park were always her comrades and friends, 2NE1. Even during the long waiting times, being with her colleagues made her comfortable and joyful. 2NE1 was Sandara Park herself. They were still unforgettable memories and the driving force supporting the future Sandara Park.

2NE1 is me. The seven years of activities were intense memories. They are truly precious memories, so I feel like I can move forward with that power. It’s like a house I can always return to. Their name is always within me.”

Source: Daum

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