Netizens disparage Nancy not “charismatic” enough to stand next to other girlgroups’ main dancers

Many people assumed that Nancy’s appearance in the photo shoot made the photos become “weirder” and stranger that it should have been.

Recently, Dispatch released the photos from the shoot of female main dancers in girlgroups, featuring female idols who are considered charismatic among Kpop fans. The photo shoot quickly drew a lot of attention from netizens as it gathered many attractive beauties from girlgroups. Besides, Nancy (Momoland), one of the main dancers in the photo shoot, was also a hot topic.
The photo shoot that gathered “Seven Ultimate Beauties” of Kpop featuring Seulgi (Red Velvet), Junghwa (EXID), Nancy (Momoland), Kyulkyung (Pristin), Doyeon (Weki Meki) and YooA (Oh My Girl)
Talking about look and beauty, it is certain that each girl has her own unique and characteristic attractiveness. However, many people notice that it is not a really good choice for Nancy (Momoland) to join in the photo shoot. Because no matter how outstanding she is in her group, she is “outshone” by other girls’ charisma.
While everyone follows the mysterious and luxurious concept with black outfits, Nancy stands out with her black and white striped shirt. A lot of people even say that her appearance is so “irrelevant” in the photos.
Especially, when standing next to two “charismatic beauties” of new generation – Kyulkyung (Pristin) and Doyeon (Weki Meki) – Nancy (Momoland) is even more “overshadowed”.
Netizens think that Nancy’s disadvantage in these photos is her naïve and immature facial expression. While other girls are very elegant and seductive, this 10x girl looks somehow awkward and strained.
“It looks like they use photoshop to put Nancy in…” is the comment receiving the most thumbs-up from netizens. Surely Nancy applied the wrong concept before shooting the photos.
Many other people assume that Nancy is still so young and her group has not been in active for so long, therefore her experience in “acting” like her seniors is very difficult for her. However, almost all people agree that despite her effort to be more “charismatic”, she looks so awkward, especially in this photo.
Netizens even compared that 5 other girls look like mysterious and seductive foxes, whereas Nancy looks like a naïve and innocent deer, who doesn’t know what to do in this photo shoot.

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