Same actor, different roles? Supporting and child actors’ “overlapping appearances”

“I changed the channel, and the actor I just saw appeared again.”

If you look at popular dramas that are currently being broadcast, you can often find “overlapping appearances”. This phenomenon is more conspicuous among supporting actors or child actors who play the childhood of leading actors.

Cha Sung Je is meeting viewers at the same time through 4 works: tvN’s “Under the Queen’s Umbrella“, JTBC’s “Reborn Rich“, SBS’ “The First Responders” and Wavve’s “Weak Hero Class 1”. All of them are receiving great love from viewers.

This is why there is a saying “Child actors appear whenever I turn on TV these days”.

Moon Seong Hyun also performs well in popular works “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” and “Reborn Rich”. In “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, he plays Prince Simso, the son of Royal Consort Gwi-in Go (Woo Jung Won). In “Reborn Rich”, he plays young Jin Seong Joon, the eldest son of Sunyang Group’s chairman Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min).

moon seong hyun

Bae In Hyuk is also appearing on the small screen with two dramas simultaneously. In SBS’ “Cheer Up,” he appears as the male lead Park Jung Woo, the head of the cheering squad while in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella,” he appeared as the Crown Prince of tragedy. Bae In Hyuk seems to have proved his ability to digest various genres by going back and forth between college life and fusion historical dramas.

These ‘overlapping appearances’ are not limited to child actors. The same is true of supporting actors. Choi Won Young is appearing as the king of Joseon, Lee Ho, in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” and in “Golden Spoon,” he appeared as the chairman of the Doshin Group. From a chairman who is full of desire to the King of Joseon, he shows a charismatic performance, pacing back and forth between the good and evil extremes.


Jung Hye Young played Lee Hae In, the mother of Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) in “Reborn Rich,” and Song Eun Ha, the wife of Matthew (Lee Seo Jin) and restaurant owner in tvN’s “Behind Every Star.”

Kang Ki Doong plays Jin Hyung Joon in “Reborn Rich,” while also appearing as Gong Myung Pil, the police station’s criminal team chief in “The First Responders.” In “Reborn Rich,” he draws laughter with his hilarious comic acting, while in “The First Responders,” he gives his all to action acting.

Kang Ki Doong

As such, the reaction to these overlapped appearances in which an actor meets viewers with several works at the same time is mixed. A broadcasting official said, “From the perspective of viewers, they might be confused because they are already getting immersed in one drama, but the same actor suddenly appears in a different drama as a different role. It is a regret somehow.”

However, another broadcasting official said there was no big problem. They analyzed, “Unless it is a similar genre or character, there is no big problem. In particular, since most of the actors who appear overlapping are supporting roles or children roles, the drama development is not affected. The overlapping appearance even proves that those actors are sought after.”

However, they agreed that it is necessary to find various actors. Both officials said, “As streaming platforms have diversified, the number of drama works has also increased tremendously. However, talented actors are limited, and overlapping appearances seem to become more frequent. It is also time for a system and environment to expand the proven actor sources.”

Source: Sports Chosun

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