Sad how a T-Ara’s member have to beg for her juniors’ fandom to help raise the rank of her new song

Netizens expressed how it was a shame seeing a member of a girlgroup which was once on top but have to tweet to beg for her junior’s fandom to help raise the rank of her solo song now.

Recently, T-Ara’s member Hyomin had a comeback with the title track “Allure”. Howeever, it can easily be seen that not just “Allure” but other solo comeback of Hyomin before also couldn’t rank high on music charts.

HYOMIN – Allure MV

Seeing the situation, Hyomin had decided to promote the song by herself by retweeting tweets from other fandoms and asked those with a stable result on the chart to try listening and support her new song “Allure”.

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Hyomin retweeted a tweet from LOONA’s fan: “Congratulations! Please help my song raise its rank on the chart also!ㅜㅜ #Hyomin #Allure #6PMFeb20th”
And also Dreamcatcher’s fan’s: “#DREAMCATCHER I support you guys! Please help my song clim up the chart too! #Hyomin #Allure #6PMFeb20th”
And also Dreamcatcher’s fan’s: “#DREAMCATCHER I support you guys! Please help my song clim up the chart too! #Hyomin #Allure #6PMFeb20th”

The T-Ara member also expressed her admiration for the impressive digital result of her juniors, including Monsta X

capture2 15508028163961207035057
“#MONSTAX I admire and a little bit jealous of your rank! Congratulations! And please help my song too! #Hyomin #Allure #6PMFeb20th”

Finally, the T-Ara member also asked for help from the fandom of the super rookie ITZY while showing her love for the member Ryujin.

capture3 1550803053966748068981
“#ITZY even though one week has passed but I’m still listening to your song! Hope you guys will help me with my rank on digital charts too! #Hyomin #Allure #6PMFeb20th”

After seeing this action of Hyomin, netizens expressed the regret for her and T-Ara as a whole group, knowing that they were once the top name of the 2nd idol generation with impressive digital achievements.

capture4 15508032724271278445879
Comments on Nate in Korea.

It’s normal for them to think that because T-Ara once had a golden age with a series of hits which was envied by many girlgroups like “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, “Roly Poly”, “Cry Cry”, “Lovey Dovey”, “Day By Day”,…

At that time, the 7 members of T-Ara swept through all charts, stages and even awards shows. In their golden time, they was called the biggest rival of “the nation girlgroup” Girls Generation.

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T-Ara and Girls’ Generation: once each other’s biggest rival.

And the result didn’t let Hyomin and her fans down! “Allure” finally got into top 50 of Bugs chart at #46 even though the track couldn’t get into top 100 on any chart. Maybe Hyomin’s promotion is really effective!

capture23 15508042753311526041934
“Allure” got into top 50 of Bugs at #46

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