Running Man’s “Sleepyhead Song Ji Hyo” now is back in “Shooting Star”

Actress Song Ji Hyo has made an ”one-of-a-kind” cameo in “Shooting Star”.

Shooting Star is a Korean drama about people working in the entertainment industry.

It can be said that the interesting topic is the attraction of “Shooting Star”. The drama marks the first collaboration between Kim Young Dae and Lee Sung Kyung.

Shooting Stars

Besides, “Shooting Star” also attracts attention as it starred high-quality cameo such as Choi Ji Woo, Lee Sang Woo, Kim Seul Gi, Moon Ga Young and Song Ji Hyo.

In the drama, Song Ji Hyo appeared with her controversial short hair. Although she only played a cameo role, she still attracted attention thanks to her outstanding beauty. However, perhaps because she didn’t get enough sleep in Running Man, she continued to sleep in Shooting Star.

Specifically, in episode 7 of Shooting Star, Song Ji Hyo takes on the role of an actress who accepts an invitation to participate in an exclusive interview with reporter Jo Ki Bum (played by Park So Jin).

As soon as she walked in, Song Ji Hyo’s character asked, “I’m going to sleep for a while! Just say it, my mouth is still ready.” But Jo Ki Bum also lay down and waited for the actress to wake up.

Because Ji Hyo already loves sleeping in real life, this episode made the audience couldn’t help but laugh. Some fans even commented that the cameo character really resembles Ji Hyo.

Song Ji Hyo used to sleep soundly on a wooden tower.

Song Ji Hyo is the fifth guest to appear in the drama after Ha Do Kwon, Kang Ki Doong, So Hee Jung and Chae Jong Hyeop. Currently, in addition to making cameo, Song Ji Hyo has not participated in any other film project. Hopefully the actress will make a comeback soon in the future.

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