“Sergeant” Park Bo-gum reveals his dignified status in the army’s concert

Actor Park Bo-gum made his first public appearance after being promoted to sergeant.

Park Bo-gum took on the role of MC with announcer Kang Ah-rang at the 76th Anniversary of the Navy’s National Guard Concert held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park on November 9. On this day, when announcer Kang asked, “You’ve become more dignified than last June. Was there any change?”, The actor replied, “In June, I was Corporal Park Bo-gum in Busan. However, I was promoted to sergeant on November 1 and now I’m greeting you as Sergeant Park Bo-gum.” He then pointed to his sergeant’s badge and smilingly said, “The rank insignia is full.”

Park Bo-gum

Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum is quenching fans’ thirst by showing works that have been filmed in advance despite the hiatus due to his military service. The actor joined the Navy in August 2020, but he met viewers through the tvN drama “Record of Youth” in September of the same year. In April this year, he filled the void by appearing on the screen with the movie “Seobok“. In addition, “Wonderland” – another movie of his which is directed by Kim Tae-yong and starring Tang Wei, Gong Yoo, Suzy – is also scheduled to be revealed soon.

Park Bo-gum

Park Bo-gum, who continues various activities to the extent that his absence is not felt, is expected to be discharged at the end of April 2022.

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