“Running Man” Jeon So-min’s younger brother shares her recent situation on Lunar New Year’s Day

Sad news about actress Jeon So-min has been delivered.

Jeon So-min is active on SBS’ entertainment program “Running Man“. She also played the main character Yoon Mi-ra in Channel A’s drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House” that ended recently.

On Feb 1st, Jeon So-min‘s younger brother Jeon Wook-min shared her current situation.

 Jeon So-min

Jeon Wook-min posted some photos taken with Jeon So-min on his Instagram. In the meantime, he added a short comment saying “Don’t get sick, sis”.

In the photos, Jeon So-min was in a wheelchair with a cast on her feet, making fans worried. Jeon Wook-min pushed the wheelchair himself and took special care of his sister, who had difficulty moving.

Previously, Jeon So-min had surgery for a foot injury on Jan 19th.

On Jan 21st, SPOTV News reported, “Jeon So-min suffered a foot injury due to a wrong step during her personal schedule. After getting her foot examined at the hospital, it was revealed that she had broken her bone. So, she underwent surgery on Jan 19th. Her surgery went well, and she is slowly recovering from it right now.”

Jeon So-min appeared on crutches on the Jan 30th broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man”.

Jeon So-min (born in 1986) is 36 years old and her younger brother Jeon Wook-min (born in 1989) is 33 years old.

Here are some photos of Jeon So-min released by her younger brother.

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