Rosé to Release Solo ‘2024 Season’s Greetings’: Is it Due to Her Being the Only BLACKPINK Member Renewing Contract?

Blackpink’s Rosé’s ‘2024 Season’s Greetings’ is set to be released

According to YG Entertainment on the 3rd, the pre-sale for ‘2024 Season’s Greetings: From HANK & ROSÉ To You [2024]’ containing Rosé’s Christmas gifts has begun.

YG stated, “This 2024 Season’s Greetings was planned with the concept of a ‘Magical Christmas Vacation,’ aiming to give a happy Christmas to the fans, Blink (fandom name), capturing Rosé’s desire.” They explained, “It features Rosé and her dog Hank spending a special Christmas in a cabin in a snowy forest.”

However, this news has brought renewed attention to the rumors of Rosé’s contract renewal with YG.


Blackpink’s exclusive contract with YG expired in August. However, after three months since the contract’s expiration, there has been no official statement from YG regarding the renewal or non-renewal of their contracts.

Numerous speculations have arisen, including rumors about all members transferring to a new agency, the non-renewal of Lisa’s contract, as well as the non-renewal of Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa’s contracts, and Jennie and Jisoo setting up their own solo agencies. There have also been rumors of Rosé moving to a U.S. record label. The possibility of the Blackpink members transferring agencies while continuing to work together as Blackpink has also been suggested.

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However, YG has repeatedly stated, “It is under discussion,” and “Nothing has been confirmed.”

As the renewal status of Blackpink’s contracts with YG remains unclear, Rosé’s individual merchandise sales, which are separate from the full group, have added strength to the speculations about her not renewing her contract with YG.

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