Netizens pointed out aepsa Giselle looks like a Kpop male idol

After Giselle’s latest teaser photos were released, Knets realized that the female idol was like the ‘younger sister’ of a famous SM male idol. 

After a successful debut with ‘Black Mamba’ in November 2020, aespa will have their first comeback right this May. Specifically, SM has confirmed that the 4 girls will release the single ‘Next Level’ at 6pm on May 17 (KST).  Currently, the group is in the stage of releasing a teaser to promote this song.

After the impressive photos with the game graphics style of Karina and Winter, most recently, Giselle’s teaser photo became a hot topic. Partly because of the female idol’s promoted visual, partly because Korean netizens suddenly realized that Giselle is like the ‘younger sister’ of an SM male idol.

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At 12 noon on May 9 (KST), SM released 3 teaser photos of Japanese member Giselle.  In the series of photos, the female idol impresses with an attractive makeup style, revealing her sharp eyes.  She has a simple hairstyle but exudes overwhelming aura.

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Giselle’s teaser series also quickly became a hot topic on Korean online forums.  Many Knets are amazed at the visuals of female idols.  Others admire her aura that doesn’t look like a rookie.  On the other hand, there are also comments that Giselle’s pose is quite weird, but because her visual is outstanding, she still looks photogenic.

In particular, many Knets discovered that Giselle was indeed SM’s taste.  The reason is because she looks a lot like another SM male idol: Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.  From face to eyes, Giselle  have many similarities with her sunbae. 

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Netizens comment:

1. Crazy, it’s like a movie poster, daebak

2. This is the first time I like a Japanese idol

3. Giselle is getting prettier and prettier

4. She looks like Eunhyuk

5. Giselle looks so pretty with black hair

6. Wow, I really like this concept

7. Looking at their photos, I’m curious about the songㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Her outfit is cool

9. Is it because of her makeup? She looks like Eunhyuk

10. Wow Gisell … She’s crazy

Source: Theqoo

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