Rosé surpassed Jennie for the first time to reach # 1 on the brand value rankings

The explosive solo debut of Rosé has helped her brand score in March 2021 to be the highest among the female group members.

On the morning of March 21, the Korean Business Research Institute announced the personal brand value rankings for the Korean female group members.  This ranking is evaluated and analyzed based on many different criteria, such as frequency of participation, level of media coverage, social network index and public awareness of more than 500 girlgroup members.  Data was collected from February 21 to March 21.  Compared to February, this month’s data has increased by 5.43%.

Black Pink‘s Rosé topped the March ranking with a brand reputation index of 6,433,970, an increase of 100.30% compared to the February chart. High ranking phrases in Rosé’s keyword analysis include “On  The Ground“,” solo “and” YouTube “, while her highest-ranked related phrases included “record “, “release” and “debut “. Rosé’s positive-negative analysis showed that the number of positive reactions was 80.49%.  This is also the first time Rosé holds the No. 1 position on the personal brand chart, showing the explosion of popularity in the solo promotions of the female idol born in 1997.

Jennie (Black Pink) ranked second with the brand reputation index of 5,182,696, an increase of 18.31% compared to the previous month’s chart.  Brave Girls‘ Yu Jeong entered the chart at 3rd place, achieving a total brand index of 4,685,944 points.  Notably, all Brave Girls members also entered the top 10, with Yuna at No.4, Eunji at No.  6, and Min Young at No.  9. This is a result that reflects the historic achievements of Brave Girls.  From an unpopular 10-year group and about to disband, Brave Entertainment’s girls have become the top names in the music industry thanks to their hit Rollin that is dominating all the digital charts.

Rosé surpassed Jennie for the first time to reach # 1 on the brand value rankings

Top 30 female group members with the highest personal brand value score in March 2021:

1. Rosé (Black Pink)
2. Jennie (Black Pink)
3. Yu Jeong (Brave Girls)
4. Yuna (Brave Girls)
5. Arin (Oh My Girl)
6. Eunji (Brave Girls)
7. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)
8. Chuu (LOONA)
9. Minyoung (Brave Girls)
10. Jisoo (Black Pink)
11. Lisa (Black Pink)
12. Seung Hee (Oh My Girl)
13. Jang Won Young (IZONE)
14. Taeyeon (SNSD)
15. Kim Min Ju (IZONE)
16. Yeri (Red Velvet)
17. Ahn Yu Jin (IZONE)
18. Seulgi (Red Velvet)
19. Solar (MAMAMOO)
20. Rachel (APRIL)
21. Jinsol (APRIL)
22. Kim Chae Won (IZONE)
23. Dosie (PURPLE KISS)
24. Kang Hye Won (IZONE)
25. Joy (Red Velvet)
26. Irene (Red Velvet)
27. Kwon Eun Bi (IZONE)
28. Chaein (PURPLE KISS)
29. Na Go Eun (PURPLE KISS)
30. Yuki (PURPLE KISS)

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