Rising Actress Park Gyu-young Named Gucci’s Global Ambassador

Italian luxury brand Gucci selects Park Gyu-young as its global ambassador

As announced on Oct 6, Park Gyu-young has been appointed as the new global ambassador for the luxury brand Gucci. 

Gucci expressed great joy about collaborating with Park Gyu-young, who attended Gucci’s 2024 S/S fashion show on September 22nd and engaged in various activities together. Gucci showed anticipation for the new aesthetics and style that they will create together with her.

Park Gyu Young

Born in 1993 and currently 30 years old, Park Gyu-young started her acting career after being selected as a cover model for “University Tomorrow” during her university years, leading to casting by an entertainment agency.

Since her debut in 2016, she has appeared in various genres of dramas such as “Sweet Home,” “Dali and Cocky Prince.” She won the Rookie Award at the 2021 KBS Acting Awards for “Dali and Cocky Prince” and gained recognition as the lead actress in Netflix’s series “Celebrity.”

Park Gyu-young is currently busy with her upcoming dramas, including the MBC new drama “A Good Day to Be a Dog” scheduled to air on Oct 11th and joining the lineup for “Squid Game 2,” establishing herself as a rising star.

Source: fashionn

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