“Revenant” unveils main poster showing Kim Tae Ri being possessed by the devil

The main poster of screenwriter Kim Eun Hee’s new drama “Revenant”, starring Kim Tae Ri, has been revealed.

SBS’s new Fri-Sat series “Revenant” (written by Kim Eun Hee/ directed by Lee Jung Rim/ produced by Studio S & B.A. Entertainment), which will premiere on June 23rd, is a Korean occult mystery drama about a woman possessed by a devil and a man who can see the devil digging into mysterious deaths. 


The main poster released today (May 31st) features Goo San Young (Kim Tae Ri) facing the devil that delves into human desires. After receiving an item that she should never touch because it is the only belonging of her deceased father, San Young gets possessed by the devil and entangled in unexplainable incidents.

San Young’s expressionless face and empty gaze suggest that she has seemingly been possessed by something. The dark energy spreading around her seen through signals such as her fluttering hair also intensifies the thrilling atmosphere. In addition, San Young’s monologue “The me that should not be seen is now visible” on the poster creates confusion. Viewers don’t know whether the person in front of them is San Young herself or the devil.

Portraying an image of completely different beings coexisting in one body and giving off a chilling, thrilling, and mysterious sense, Kim Tae Ri once again leaves a powerful impression on viewers with her method acting. Expectations are rising for Kim Tae Ri’s extraordinary and intense transformation that will overwhelm the surroundings with a strange occult atmosphere.


The production team explained, “The main poster visually shows Goo San Young, who is the main character and the starting point of the entire story, facing the devil”, adding “Kim Tae Ri perfectly grasped the intention of the concept and performed method acting that goes beyond imagination when portraying both Goo San Young and the devil simultaneously.” They added, “In the main broadcast, you will be able to see even more creepy and impressive acting performances of Kim Tae Ri. Please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, SBS’s new Fri-Sat series “Revenant” is a new work by “genre master” Kim Eun Hee, who gained recognition for writing meticulous narratives in “Sign”, “Phantom”, “Signal” and “Kingdom”. Starring trustworthy with excellent acting performances, such as Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se and Hong Kyung, ”Revenant” heralds the birth of a well-made mystery work with PD Lee Jung Rim’s delicate directing skills. The drama will air its first episode at 10 p.m. on June 23rd.

Source: Daum

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