“Reply 1988” Choi Sung-won, who was on hiatus due to health reasons, is back with a warm welcome

Actor Choi Sung-won, who was diagnosed with acute leukemia, finally recovered his health and returned.    

Choi Sung-won

OSEN reported on Jan 18th that Choi Sung-won recently confirmed to have finished filming MBC’s new drama “Showtime Begins!” 

Choi Sung-won, who is scheduled to make a special cameo appearance, is expected to add fun in the early stages of the series by playing the role of a newlywed.

MBC drama “Showtime Begins!” is a comical ghost investigation drama about the story of a charismatic magician and a police officer with great power. The drama will air its 1st episode in March.

Choi Sung-won

Earlier, Choi Sung-won was diagnosed with acute leukemia in May 2016 and was diagnosed with complete recovery in December of the same year. However, it suddenly recurred in 2020, making everyone sad.

Meanwhile, Choi Sung-won made his debut with the musical “Oh! While You Were Sleeping” in 2010. Since then, he has attracted public attention with the role of “No-eul” in the tvN drama “Reply 1988” which aired at the end of 2015.

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