“Remarriage life” content creator criticized for using Song Joong Ki’s marriage & pregnancy news to gain attention

Netizens raged at Instagram content creator Kim Dong Sung for his mention of Song Joong Ki’s remarriage news.

On January 30th, Kim Dong Sung, an Instagram user who often shares advice on remarriage life, posted the news of actor Song Joong Ki’s remarriage on his Story with the caption, “Are you watching this? Listen and follow the words of this ‘remarriage man’ #Wise Remarriage Life”.


The post contains the article about Song Joong Ki announcing his marriage with Katy Louise Saunders and his wife’s pregnancy on fancafe. 

Kim Dong Sung is gaining popularity among netizens through the hashtag #Wise Remarriage Life. Many people like him because of his helpful advice and pleasant talks when solving serious problems of divorce and remarriage. 

However, Internet users are criticizing Kim Dong Sung for his recent post, saying his mention of Song Joong Ki is excessive and that he was just seeking attention. 

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It’s been only a day since Song Joong Ki announced that he had met his life partner and welcomed a new life, the couple should receive blessings and congratulations rather than becoming the subject of “remarriage life” discussions. Some even question whether Song Joong Ki needs advice on remarriage life from Kim Dong Sung.

Meanwhile, Kim Dong Sung got married in 2004 and divorced in 2018. He has one son and one daughter with his ex-wife. 

Kim Dong Sung remarried his current wife in May last year. Since then, he has been posting content about his remarriage life, including a video of him and his wife dancing in front of Suwon Family Court.

Source: Nate

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