Red Velvet’s Irene suddenly offered strawberries to the whole Korean showbiz, but this idol refused?

This was originally a moment to show off Irene’s sparkling visuals, but netizens put her into a quite “difficult” situation.

Recently, the whole Kpop fan community was laughing their heads off with the hot trend where Irene invited everyone to eat strawberries. A dreamlike, poetic moment showing off Irene’s gorgeous visuals in the MV Feel My Rhythm suddenly turned into a hilarious joke when paired with other idols’ humorous moments.

Irene is not only famous for her visuals. It is true that she often causes storms with mesmerizing and gorgeous moments. However, she has a lot of memes for life.

Typically, she once became a viral meme online thanks to her very entertaining dance moves, which goes well with many different songs. Now she continues to have another compilation of inviting the whole Kpop to eat strawberries, fantastic!

Red Velvet Irene trend
After the hot trends that made fans laugh till they cry, Irene confirmed her title as a both hilarious and beautiful idol.
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