Fans of Red Velvet Hold Truck Protest, Demanding 3rd Full Album

Red Velvet fans staged a truck protest in front of SM Entertainment headquarters to voice their frustration.

Red Velvet’s fandom ReVeLuv organized a truck protest in front of the SM Entertainment headquarters on July 17th. The trucks have been displaying protest messages in front of the SM building since around 9 a.m KST. 

red velvet

The messages read, “What’s the point of just releasing songs? SM relies too much on popularity. Carry out diverse promotions for Red Velvet,” and “9 years into their debut, but only 2 full albums? Stick to the plan for a 3rd full album.” 

Red Velvet debuted in August 2014. 2023 marks their 9th year in the industry. Throughout their career, Red Velvet has released various hit songs such as “Ice Cream Cake,” “Peek-A-Boo,” “Psycho,” and “Feel My Rhythm.” Recently, they held their fourth world tour, “Red Velvet 4th Concert: R to V.” 

red velvet fandom car

However, fans expressed their desire for another full album, stating, “Red Velvet has debuted for so long. Is it reasonable that only 2 full albums have been released?

Red Velvet fans also called out SM Entertainment on the lack of self-produced content, recruiting paid official fan club members in Japan, and poor album restocking and securing pre-order sales quantities.

Amidst the strong backlash from fans, attention is now focused on whether SM Entertainment will respond to the fans’ demand and begin preparations for Red Velvet’s 3rd full album.

Source: Insight

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