Red Velvet Joy reveals her secret weapon to get million-like photos

Joy (Red Velvet) surprised the whole studio with her interesting revelation

On January 4, Joy participated in a TMI interview for Elle Korea with actresses Ahn Eun Jin and Kang Ye Won, her costars from the K-Drama The One and Only. In the video, the three girl solved the ‘character discovery puzzle’. They made the set a sea of laughter and boasted of their ‘chemistry’.

Joy asked her two colleagues: “There’s a part of me that I always show in front of the camera to make the photo better. What is it?”. Kang Ye Won and Ahn Eun Ji in turn gave the answers like ear, earlobes, head, etc but they were both wrong. Joy then gives a hint that the word has 4 letters. Various answers were then given such as shoulder line, but none of them were correct. When Ahn Eun-jin urgently shouted “armpits”, Joy answered “yes”, surprising the audience.

jpy Ahn Eun Jin and Kang Ye Won

The female idol laughed and revealed: “Pheromone is released from the armpits. I think there is energy coming from the armpits. When we stand in front of the person we like, we can do something like playing around with our hair or tying it up to show it off. I just heard there is such a thing like that.”

jpy Ahn Eun Jin and Kang Ye Won

Previously, Joy mentioned in her YouTube channel ‘Civilization Express’ last August, “The picture will be much better if you expose your armpits”.

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