“Reborn Rich” Starring Song Joong Ki Nominated At International Emmy Awards

Nine months have passed since the end of “Reborn Rich” but it can still show its influence

Reborn Rich,” which aired from Nov. 18 to Dec. 25 last year, is a fantasy drama about a secretary of a chaebol family reborn to become the youngest son of that chaebol family. The drama gained immense popularity with 26.9% ratings (provided by Nielsen Korea) in the 16th episode, the last episode.

Marking its 51st anniversary, the International Emmy Awards is an award established to introduce outstanding foreign TV programs to American viewers and broadcasters, and is called one of the world’s top three broadcasting awards along with Canada’s Banff TV Festival and Monaco’s Monte Carlo TV Festival.

reborn rich

“Reborn Rich” won the mini-series picture award in the international competition category of “Seoul Drama Awards 2023” on September 21st, and with the news of its 2023 International Emmy Award nomination, the drama will once again be recognized for its cinematic quality on the international stage.

The popularity of lead actors, Lee Sung-min and Song Joong-ki, continues to be talked about.

Even though it has been a while since the end of the drama, “Reborn Rich” has been nominated for the Emmy Award for the drama itself, while its cast are also honored at various awards ceremonies.

song joong ki

Director Jung Dae-yoon said, “I am so honored and proud (for my drama) to be nominated for the International Emmy Awards. I am surprised and proud that the world acknowledged the message even though our drama thoroughly reflected Korean reality and fantasy. I hope we can share this joy with everyone who has worked together for a long time.”

The results will be announced at the 2023 International Emmy Awards on November 20 (local time).

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