Ravi to attend second trial along with Nafla “Prosecution filed appeal against first trial ruling” 

Ravi (30, Kim Won Sik) and Nafla (31, Choi Seok Bae) are expected to appear in the appellate trial together.

According to the legal community on August 21st, the prosecution filed an appeal against the first trial ruling on charges of violating the Military Service Act by 9 people, including Ravi and Nafla, on August 16th. It was confirmed that the prosecution did not accept the first trial sentences of all the defendants.


Accordingly, Ravi, who was given a suspended sentence and has yet to submit an appeal, will face the second trial due to the prosecution’s appeal.

On August 10th, the Seoul Southern District Court’s Criminal Division 7 sentenced Ravi to 2 years of probation (+ 1 year in prison if committing crimes within the probationary period) and 120 hours of community service. At that time, the prosecution requested a 2-year imprisonment for Ravi.

According to the prosecution’s indictment, Ravi received a scenario from military service broker A and acted as if he had fainted to undergo an examination at the hospital. Later in 2021, Ravi submitted a medical certificate to the Military Manpower Administration with a diagnosis of epilepsy. A was revealed to have sent Ravi a message, saying “Good, you already got a military service exemption”.


Ravi apologized, “I sincerely apologize to all the people who were hurt by my actions and to fans who have supported me as someone who is more than just a singer for a long time. I felt like I had ruined all the memories we had together.”

Meanwhile, it was found that Nafla did not go to work for 141 days after being assigned as a public service worker at the Seocho-gu office in the process of trying to be judged unfit for military service under the guise of worsening depression symptoms.

Source: Naver

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