“Queen of Tears” Spoiler: Yoon Eun-sung Said He Was The Boy Who Saved Hae-in, “I have liked you since then”

In the latest episode of "Queen of Tears," Park Sung-hoon explained his first meeting with Kim Ji-won.

In the latest episode of TVN Saturday-Sunday drama “Queen of Tears” aired on April 14th, Yoon Eun-sung (played by Park Sung-hoon) brought Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won) to his home.

To Hong Hae-in, who showed that she did not like sitting at the dinner table with Yoon, Yoon said, “You have to give me time. Time to clear up the misunderstanding you have.” He took out Hong’s necklace which she had when she was a child, saying, “Do you remember this? It was yours a long time ago.”

Seeing the necklace, Hong Hae-in remembered that it was young Yoon Eun-sung who saved her from a dog chasing her from Queens’ nursery school. In response, Hong Hae-in asked back, “That was you? Then was the first time we met?”

Yoon Eun-sung confessed that he was the young boy who saved Hae-in when she was drowned in the sea with her brother in the past, saying, “The first time I met you was before that. I have liked you since the ,” confessing his long-standing crush on her.

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