“Queen of Tears” Co-star Thought Kim Soo-hyun Was Such A Big Star That There Would Be A Wall Between Them

Kim Soo-hyun expressed his special affection for the actors who worked with him in "Queen of Tears."

On March 4th, a video was uploaded on the YouTube channel “tvN drama” under the title “Game Genius, Heart-making Genius Appear.” The video featured Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Ji-won, Park Sung-hoon, Kwak Dong-yeon, and Lee Ju-bin, the main cast of the drama “Queen of Tears.”

“Queen of Tears” is a romance drama about the dizzying crisis of a third-year couple and the love story that begins again like a miracle.

Kim Soo-hyun

In the video, when asked why viewers should not miss “Queen of Tears,” Kim Soo-hyun replied, “My goal is to make viewers feel emotional. Our drama shakes viewers’ heart, so you can look forward to it.”

“I wanted to challenge myself with a drama with the family theme and with the love story that Hyun-woo (his character) will tell,” he explained the reason why he decided to appear in “Queen of Tears.”

His co-star Kim Ji-won also said, “I also decided to appear with the desire to show a new side of Hae-in because I was very attracted to this role.”

Kwak Dong-yeon then recalled his first and current impression of Kim Soo-hyun, “When I first saw Kim Soo-hyun, I thought he was pretty,” Kwak said of Kim. “He looked a bit mysterious,” while Kim Ji-won said, “I’m glad that he was so considerate and made a good atmosphere.”

“I thought there would have a wall between him and others because he is a Hallyu star, but after meeting him on set, I found that he has the charm of making people feel comfortable,” Park Sưng-hoon said, praising Kim Soo-hyun, making him shy.

Kim Soo-hyun

Then what about Kim Soo-hyun’s impressions of the cast of “Queen of Tears”? “When I saw Park Sung-hoon for the first time, my first impression was that of Jeon Jae-joon (Park’s character in “The Glory”) because I knew him through that drama. It was so nice to meet him. I held his hands and didn’t let him go. He was so cute.”

As for co-star Kim Ji-won, he said, “I saw her for the first time when we had a meeting with the writer, and she was going there alone without his manager. Seeing her leave the scene wearing a cap, I thought, ‘She knows how to enjoy things.’ It is the same on set,” he said with a smile.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo-hyun’s return drama “Queen of Tears” will premiere on tvN on March 9th.

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