Psy is again criticized for his controversial “Soak Show” remark amid the worst drought ever in Gwangju

Singer PSY is being criticized for his inappropriate remarks regarding his "Soak Show" amid the worst drought ever in Gwangju.

On Dec 10th, Crush performed his solo concert “CRUSH ON YOU TOUR ‘CRUSH HOUR'” at the multi-purpose hall of the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center in Gwangju. Singer Psy, the CEO of Crush’s agency, appeared as a surprise guest and performed at the concert.

However, many audiences who watched the performance criticized Psy’s remarks on the stage at the time.


One netizen said, “I went to Crush’s concert, and Psy appeared in the middle of the show and performed. However, Psy said, ‘It’s too bad that I couldn’t do the ‘Soak Show’ this year in Gwangju. Is it the right time to say that now?” They were furious.

Currently, Gwangju City is suffering from a horrible drought crisis. The water storage rate of Dongbok Dam, a major water source for Gwangju citizens, is currently 29.04%, less than half that of 70% in November last year. As a result, Gwangju City is making all-out efforts to solve the drought crisis by implementing a system that reduces fees by up to 13% for households that have saved tap water.

On the other hand, Psy’s “Soak Show”, known for spraying about 300 tons of water per show, was held from July to August, and was embroiled in a controversy over “waste of water.”


In response, Internet users criticized Psy, saying, “Water shortage is just someone else’s business to him,” “I get two safety messages every day asking me to save water in Gwangju,” “Seems like he doesn’t watch the news,” “I guess he didn’t know,” and “I don’t think this is right at all.”

Psy will hold the “All Night Stand 2022” at the KSPO DOME Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul Olympic Park for three days from Dec 22nd to 24th.

Source: Top Star News

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