PRODUCE X 101: 9 eliminated trainees are even more highly anticipated

Fans are demanding another group be established for trainees who were eliminated at the final night.

The result of “PRODUCE X 101” final night was quite debatable. Netizens revealed proof of Mnet manipulating the votes in order to eliminate some famous trainees off the top 11. Recently, the show producers have denied the rumor and insisted that the results are not wrong.

BY9 is a project group consists of trainees who were eliminated at the final.

To set things right for the trainees who have lost the chance to debut, fans are asking the eliminated trainees to make a new group called BY9. They have sent the requests to agencies and focused on promoting to hope for a new chance for these trainees. News about the BY9 project might be even more highly anticipated than the winner team on PRODUCE X 101. The remaining 9 trainees are all very talented with huge fandoms. Insiders of the entertainment industry have said that BY9, if they have a chance to debut, will become a strong rival of X1 (the winner team from PRODUCE X 101). CJ ENM is currently watching the situation and considering the chance of BY9’s debut.

Kim Min Gyu’s elimination was the most shocking events on PRODUCE X 101. This male trainee has the visual, high popularity, a strong fandom but has stopped at #12.
Ham Won Jin can be the main vocal due to his emotional and high voice.
Many doubt that Lee Jin Hyuk’s elimination was planned by Mnet. He can be the leader and the main rapper for the project team. With his experience, Jin Hyuk can be the mentor for the less experienced members.
Han Yun Seong was an extraordinary dancer on PRODUCE X 101.
Koo Jung Mo will be a fan’s favorite if he is able to debut. His fandom is also a big spender one.
Keum Dong Hyun with his sweet and adorable visual.
Tony is talented with an attractive stage presence.
If he debuts with BY9, Song Yuvin will be in charge of the main vocal position.
Lee Se Jin (iME Korea).

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