Pretty Sisters of Female Stars Are Also Trying To Become Celebrities

Various aspiring stars are attracting attention following their celebrity sisters

The recent broadcast of MBC’s “I Live Alone” on October 14th showed TWICE’s Jihyo going camping with her younger sister Park Ji-young, who was born in 2022 and is working as a model under the name Lee Ha-eum.

Amid the enthusiastic cheers from “I Live Alone” panelists, Jihyo said, “My younger sister is doing modeling activities”, adding “She’s working hard to become a celebrity”. She continued, “My sister and I are 6 years apart, so we got closer after becoming adults”, adding “She is very smart, quick-witted, meticulous, and easygoing. We are sisters but have opposite personalities”.

After the broadcast, netizens showed keen interest in Jihyo’s model sister as pictorials of Lee Ha-eum spread widely in online communities. The dance challenge video of Jihyo Sisters on TWICE’s official account also gained attention again.

Nam Bo-ra’s younger sister also made headlines as she entered the entertainment industry with the help of her sister. Nam Bo-ra appeared on the September 29th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” and introduced her sister Sebin, the 7th sister among the 13 siblings of their family. 

Nam Bo-ra

Nam Bo-ra revealed that her younger sister had a dream of becoming an actress, saying “Sebin participated in auditions and was cast in a play”. Everyone was surprised to know that Sebin appeared on “Love Naggers”.

Nam Bo-ra added that her sister prepared for the college entrance exam and joined the acting academy by herself. She said, “My sister pioneers her own path without receiving my help.” Topics about Nam Bo-ra’s sister also poured out after the show.

In fact, the most famous star sisters are Jessica and Krystal. Known as Girls’ Generation Jessica’s younger sister, Krystal was popular even before she debuted with f(x). Krystal’s voice is similar to her sister’s but their images are completely different.


Moreover, IVE Jang Won-young’s older sister Jang Da-ah aroused much attention and her past photos were re-examined right after the news of her acting debut was reported. The short CF video she filmed before debuting as an actress became a hot topic.

Jang Da-ah

Source: Daum

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