Praised as the only one Kpop visual – main vocal, how did former SM idol react?

The former male SM idol – JYJ Jaejoong received a compliment, which Kpop fans couldn’t agree more

Beauty and talent are the two most important factors for Kpop idols.  If visuals are what draw fans to them, talent is what keeps fans with them for a long time.

Recently, in Naver’s live radio program hosted by Minhyuk (MONSTA X), Jaejoong (JYJ) was the next male idol singer to receive an invitation to the program.  At the broadcast, when talking with Jaejoong, Minhyuk commented, “It is said that after Jaejoong sunbaenim, there is no visual – main vocal anymore”.

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Visual – main vocal is a term that refers to the member who is the main vocalist of the group but has a beautiful appearance like the main visual.  Minhyuk’s comment became the talk of the town, and at the same time, Jaejoong himself also had lovely reactions:

Minhyuk: “People say that after Jaejoong sunbaenim, there’s no visual-main vocal anymore”.

Jaejoong: “It’s not like that”.

Minhyuk: “But I really read comments like that”.

Jaejoong: “Oh… It’s such a big deal! You can’t say that, really, I’ll get scolded!”.

Before Minhyuk’s compliment, the JYJ member was very shy and humble.  The 2nd generation idol said that a lot of male idols nowadays are both handsome and good at singing.  But as Minhyuk explained that, even though he’s in an idol group now, none of the visual members can sing as well as Jaejoong.  Minhyuk himself also had to admire the beauty and talent of his senior.

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After the show was broadcast, many opinions were agreeing with Minhyuk.  Kim Jaejoong’s gorgeous beauty was a topic of discussion for a while in the Kpop music industry.  However, he is not only famous for his beauty, what impresses many people more is Jaejoong’s voice.

I have to admit that Jaejoong is one of the most handsome idols in the idol world.  The beauty of the former Sm idol is commented by many people as “unreal”, like “statue”.

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Moreover, the male idol singer also possesses a great voice.  His ability to sing live has been proven many times with his powerful voice that melts countless fans’ hearts.

Even during his enlistment, he performed in the army and “gained” quite a few more fans.

Fans expressed their agreement with Minhyuk’s above comment and also recalled about Jaejoong’s heyday:
  • I have to admit that DBSK members are all handsome and very talented, back then I was obsessed with Jaejoong’s looks.
  • Jaejoong entered SM because of his face but was given the position of main vocal after that, awesome!
  • It’s an exaggeration to say there’s no one left, but there are indeed few people who are both beautiful and singing as well as Kim Jaejoong.
  • Admittedly, there are a lot of idols who can sing well and have good looks, but with such beauty and ability, there really aren’t any.
  • I can’t agree more!

Source: K14

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