Police To Continue G-Dragon’s Drug Investigation, “Many Found Guilty Despite Negative Drug Test Results” 

Will singer G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong) gain “freedom”?

On November 25th, the police lifted the travel ban on G-Dragon, who is under investigation on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. Some people speculated that the police would conclude the case by not sending it to prosecution or making additional summons.

However, the police have not given up yet. When asked whether G-Dragon’s case would not be prosecuted at the regular press conference on November 27th, a senior police officer at the National Police Agency said, “It is true that possibilities are open until a conclusion is reached”.


They continued, “We were already informed of the negative drug test results, but additional investigations should be conducted”, adding “Since drugs can be administrated under various circumstances, it is not appropriate to close the case just because the drug tests came out with negative results. The conclusion should be put on hold”.

The police officer added, “There have been several cases where the suspect was confirmed guilty despite having negative drug test results because evidence of drug use was clear.”

In short, the police acknowledged G-Dragon’s negative results in the drug tests on the male actor’s urine, hair and nails, but plan to conduct more investigations to find drug use evidence.

g dragon

Earlier on November 21st, G-Dragon said in an interview with Yonhap News TV and revealed that all he wanted was “freedom”. He shared, “It’s a basic right, but for me, due to the nature of my job as an artist and a singer, I have to create my own freedom, and it’s my duty to act as a medium to comfort and exchange comfort to many people through my work, but it’s not the case right now”, adding “To gain that freedom, the investigative agency needs to give announcements of the investigation results quickly. As mentioned earlier, it is the biggest key to you and to me”

However, as the police emphasized the need for further investigations, it will take more time for G-Dragon to actually achieve freedom.

The police were recently criticized for their poor investigation as they could not find any evidence within a month after the incident. Their request for an arrest warrant on Doctor B, who is suspected of supplying drugs to actor Lee Sun-kyun, was also rejected. 

Attention is focused on whether the police will be able to find evidence of G-Dragon’s drug use or not.

Source: Daum

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