Petition Opposing KBS Song Festival Being Held in Japan Gains Nearly 2,000 Signatures 

On June 19th, a petition titled “Opposition to KBS Song Festival in Japan” was posted on the viewer petition board of the KBS Viewer Center.

The petitioner stated, “Isn’t KBS a national broadcasting company? I don’t understand why they would hold a year-end festival in Japan. They should withdraw their plans.

This petition is in response to an exclusive report by Star News on June 19th stating that KBS Song Festival will be held in Japan this year. According to Star News, the 2023 KBS Song Festival will take place at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan on December 9th. The production team is currently in the process of recruiting artists (groups, soloists) to participate in the festival.


Regarding the news of the KBS Song Festival being held in Japan in 2023, a KBS official stated, “It is true that we have considered holding the year-end Song Festival in Japan as part of the ‘Music Bank’ world tour, but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

After the announcement of the KBS Song Festival in Japan, many Korean netizens expressed their opposition.

On the KBS viewer petition board, petitions against the KBS Song Festival being held in Japan started surfacing. Among them, the petition titled “Opposition to KBS Song Festival in Japan” received over 1,000 agreements within half a day of its publication on June 19th. 


This petition will continue to receive agreements from June 19th to July 19th. It has also become a pending petition awaiting a response as an issue petition. If a petition on the KBS viewer petition board receives agreement from over 1,000 people within 30 days, the person in charge of the relevant department must respond directly.

As of 2:25 PM KST on June 22nd, the number of agreements for this petition has reached 1,810. It has gained significant attention, approaching 2,000 signatures. The production team of the KBS Song Festival has not yet responded to this petition. 

KBS is currently preparing a response and undergoing internal discussions. Additionally, since the agreement period for the petition extends for more than 20 days, there is still time remaining for a response. However, there is high anticipation regarding the explanations that KBS will provide.

Source: Nate

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