“Penthouse” Actress Denied Rumors Of Her Abandoning Son With Brain Desease

Penthouse” actress Shin Eun-kyung recently became a surprise guest in the latest episode of tvN’s show “The Village Presidents People,” which aired on February 5. As soon as she saw her friend, veteran actress Kim Soo-mi, she gave a big hug and greeted her. “I was grateful to have the opportunity to visit you. I came here not to miss this great opportunity,” she said, showing off her special affection for Kim.

Kim Soo-mi said, “I had meals with Shin Eun-kyung often. She has to make a living because of her son. After the divorce, she suddenly became an unlucky mother who abandoned her son (because of the rumors). You abandoned your child somewhere else? I don’t know that Shin Eun-kyung. They killed a child with unconfirmed rumors.”

Shin said, “I come to take my child every week. I can’t spend time with him on weekends. He has to have someone to be with him all the time to help him move. He can’t live without someone else’s help. But that’s how the (false) articles were made.”

Shin married Kim, the former CEO of her agency, in 2003, but divorced four years later. She has a son who was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. In 2015, however, rumors spread that Shin rarely came to see her son after the divorce.

In response, Shin Eun-kyung shared her thoughts about the rumors on a program. Here, she revealed the pain of having a hard time paying off her ex-husband’s debt and her love for her children.

Source: OSEN

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