Penthouse 2 – episode 9: Shim Su Ryeon is still alive?

Penthouse 2’s episode 9 has just been aired tonight (March 19) with extremely unexpected details

Penthouse 2 is currently a super hot drama not only in Korea but also throughout Asia. Episode 9 is broadcast tonight with a series of plot twists and unexpected details that make the audience crazy.

After Bae Rona’s death, Ju Seok Hoon starts dating Ha Eun Byul. However, Seok Hoon’s purpose is to make Eun Byul remember that she was actually the culprit that killed Bae Rona.

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Oh Yoon Hee and Logan Lee also take subsequent actions to sabotage Ju Dan Tae’s project, making him extremely angry.

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The identity of the person who pulled Bae Rona’s breathing tube is revealed. That was Ju Dan Tae.

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Na Ae Gyo accepts the invitation from Oh Yoon Hee and comes to look at Seok Hoon and Seok Kyung from afar.  The twins also know the truth about their biological mother.

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At the end of the episode, Ha Yoon Cheol is suddenly arrested by the police in front of his daughter, Ha Eun Byul. At the same time, the wedding of Ju Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin is also taking place. Cheon Seo Jin cries out of regret right at her wedding.

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The highlight of this episode is the scene of Na Ae Gyo in the bathroom. The plot twist is that when Na Ae Gyo takes a bath, the butterfly tattoo on her back is suddenly washed away by water. Before that, as the audience knew, Na Ae Gyo looks exactly like Shim Su Ryeon.  The defining feature to distinguish them is that Na Ae Gyo has a butterfly tattoo on her back. However, in today’s episode, the audiences find out that the tattoo on the back of “Na Ae Gyo” is fake.  So, whether Na Ae Gyo, who has just appeared, is Shim Su Ryeon? At the end of season 1, Shim Su Ryeon is known to have been murdered. So, the person that was killed at the end of season 1 was Su Ryeon or she was the ‘real’ Na Ae Gyo? Or was Su Ryeon lucky to survive at the end of season 1 and now she comes back to take revenge?

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Penthouse 2 ep 9 1

Stay tuned for the next episode, which will air on the evening of March 20!

Source: SBS – Penthouse 2

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