Park Yoo-chun and Park Jun-gyu were tax defaulters “Names disclosed by National Tax Service”

It was revealed that singer Park Yoo-chun (37) and actor Park Jun-gyu (59) were caught for not paying hundreds of millions of won in taxes

On Dec 14th, the National Tax Service disclosed the personal information of 7,966 high-amount or habitual tax defaulters, 41 dishonest donation-receiving organizations and 31 tax evaders on its website.

Park Yoo-chun’s name was revealed as he failed to pay a total of 5 taxes, including capital gains tax, in 2016. The total amount of default is 409 million won.

park yoo chun

Actor Park Jun-gyu, well known for his roles in “Rustic Period” and “Dual Wielding Swordsman”, also had his name disclosed for defaulting on a total of 6 taxes, including aggregate income tax, in 2015, with a total amount of 334 million won.

Drama writer Choi Wan-gyu, who wrote various hit works such as “Iris”, “Lobbyist” and “Prison Flower”, was also named on the list.

He was convicted of evading 1.16 billion won in taxes by falsely reporting labor costs not paid to assistant writers, resulting in a confirmed prison sentence of 1 year and 2 months.

Source: Nate

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