Park Sung-hoon reveals his playful side in the behind-the-scenes clips of “The Glory” 

The making of “The Glory” shows unexpected friendship on set, with Park Sung-hoon gaining particular attention. 

On the 13th, Netflix Korea posted a series-making video on their official Instagram with the caption, “The revenge was fierce, but the making was warm. ‘The Glory’ making video to prevent overindulgence.” 

The clip contained all the main cast of “The Glory” with actor Park Sung-hoon, who played Jeon Jae-joon, bringing laughter to the set with his witty humor. 

the glory

Specifically, after filming a scene where Jeon Jae-joon strangled Park Yeon-jin to threaten her, actor Park Sung-hoon said to the camera, “It’s so heartbreaking that I have to strangle her.”

Lim Ji-yeon teased him by saying, “Why are you acting so hard in front of the ‘making’ camera?” when she saw him talking to the camera. 

the glory

Since then, Park Sung-hoon continuously interacted with the camera filming the behind-the-scenes moments. 

While filming outdoors with Lim Ji-yeon, Park Sung-hoon took off his jacket and covered her, saying, “Isn’t it cold?” When Lim Ji-yeon found a camera filming the series-making clip, she scolded him as usual, “What’s wrong with him?” in a joking tone. 

the glory

Actress Kim Hi-eora, who was with him at the scene, also said, “There’s a camera over there. I knew he would do that,” said the actress playfully. 

In response, Park Sung-hoon became embarrassed and quickly took the jacket back and laughed out loud. 

the glory

In “The Glory,” Jeon Jae-joon was a high school jerk who committed school violence on Moon Dong-eun. He inherited his family golf course and had an affair with Park Yeon-jin. 

Unlike his character, Park Sung-hoon revealed his cute charm and wits in the behind-the-scenes video

The Glory

Upon seeing the intimate and playful moments, viewers responded, “Park Sung-hoon seems to be a mood maker on the set,” and “It’s nice to see him being caring and warm.”

Source: insight

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