Park Shin Hye makes a high – anticipated comeback with “Doctor Slump” 

Behind-the-scenes photos of Park Shin Hye from the filming of “Doctor Slump” is drawing attention. 

After one year of break from the drama scene, Park Shin Hye is making a highly – anticipated comeback with “Doctor Slump.” The behind-the-scenes photos of the filming, taken by a passer-by on the street, is capturing attention. In the photos, the actress boasted a youthful charm in a school uniform. Not having aged a day, many viewers thought those were the photos from her student days. 

“Doctor Slump” is a journey of growth and love between two doctors who fall into the deepest slumps of their respective lives. Back in school, they were enemies fighting for the top place. After leaving the hospitals they were working at, the two meet again as neighbors under a same rooftop. At that point in life, two former doctors embrace each other’s pain, grow together and, eventually, fall in love. 

The drama is also joined by Park Hyung Sik, Yoon Park and Kong Seong Ha. It is penned by Baek Seon Woo and is directed by Oh Hyun Jong. The drama is set to air in October this year, on JTBC and Netflix. 

Source: K14 

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