Park Seo Joon Addresses Headband Controversy: “It’s a Gift for Park Bo Young, Worried it Might Upset the Fan”

Park Seo Joon has personally addressed netizens’ mixed reactions to his refusal to wear a headband at the premiere event for “Concrete Utopia.”

On August 7th, Park Seo Joon posted on his official fan cafe, “I’m leaving this post because I was concerned that some people might have been hurt by this. When I first found out about this situation, I was taken aback and frustrated. I worried that fans might be more upset than I am.” 

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Firstly, Park Seo Joon talked about an incident that happened on August 5th during “Concrete Utopia” premiere event when a fan came up to him and hugged him. He explained, “At the time, I wasn’t aware of the situation where someone approached and hugged me. When I turned around, someone was hugging me. I was surprised, but I tried to end it on a positive note.” He also mentioned that the security staff couldn’t respond swiftly due to the ongoing event and apologized, but he assured that he was fine and asked fans not to worry.

Park Seo Joon then addressed the controversy about him refusing to wear a headband during the event on August 6th. Park Bo Young, his co-star, received a headband and wore it, and she also gave one to Park Seo Joon. 

However, he gestured as if to say he couldn’t wear it due to his hairstyle, and Park Bo Young nodded in understanding.

Some netizens criticized Park Seo Joon for lacking in fan service, comparing him to other actors who engage in various fan interactions for promotional purposes. Nonetheless, many fans understood that celebrities aren’t obligated to fulfill every fan request, and they supported Park Seo Joon considering his own circumstances.

Regarding this, Park Seo Joon explained, “The next day, the headband issue came up. I was sweating a lot during the event. Some fans like my hair down, while others like it up. So, today, I went with an updo and sprayed a lot of hairspray in the morning for easier sweat management. To the extent that it wouldn’t move at all, I fixed it. If I wear anything on my head in that state, my scalp hurts quite a bit.” 

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He reflected on the situation, “It might sound like an excuse, but I handle these things without any hesitation. I didn’t think the headband was mine, and since it was given by a fan of Bo Young, I thought it might make the fan uncomfortable if I took it. There seems to have been a misunderstanding.”

He reassured that there are no issues with his relationship with Park Bo Young, “I get along well with Park Bo Young. We acted as a couple, so there’s no discomfort. She felt sorry yesterday, but I told her not to feel sorry and to focus on the remaining schedule.”

Park Seo Joon also explained the reason behind rejecting the request for heart gestures from photographers at a recent photo wall event, “I’ve become more open-minded towards such requests from fans, and I’ve decided to do them better. However, it’s a bit difficult to do it openly on the official stage. It’s not easy to close my eyes and do it. On that day, the brand also advised against doing heart gestures, and I tried to abide by that.”

Lastly, Park Seo Joon concluded, “I’m fine as long as you all (fans) are here. I’m not afraid of anything when you’re around. So, I hope you don’t get hurt by all the commotion. I thought it would be less uncomfortable if I addressed this.”

Source: Daum.

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