This female idol repaid her mother with a gift of 100 million won in cash as soon as she made money from her debut

It was recently known that T-ara’s Boram gave 100 million won to her mom – actress Lee Mi-young right after her debut.

The broadcast of JTBC’s “Truth Restaurant”, which aired on April 21st, featured actress Lee Mi-young, the ex-wife of Jeon Young-rok and the mother of T-ara’s Boram and composer RAMU (Jeon Woo-ram).

Lee Mi-young lived separately after divorcing her husband and started living with her two daughters when they were in the second year of high school. Appearing on the show, the actress showed special affection for her daughters.

When asked, “Have you ever received allowances from your daughter after T-ara became famous?”, Lee Mi-young surprised everyone by revealing that Bo-ram gave her a huge amount of 100 million won as allowance right after she debuted.

The actress also reported that when giving her the money, Bo-ram reminded her, “Mom, spend this money only on yourself. Don’t use it to do anything else”.

Lee Mi-young said she couldn’t even cry because she was too surprised when receiving the sudden allowance, drawing laughter from everyone.

Upon hearing the story, MC Park Joon-hyung praised Bo-ram and showed his admiration for her, saying he got goosebumps knowing Bo-ram’s huge love for her mother.

Meanwhile, Bo-ram’s group T-ara debuted in 2009 and gained great love from the public after releasing a number of hit songs, such as “Roly Poly”, “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, etc.

Bo-ram, who has shown an unrivaled visual among T-ara members, left the group in 2017 after her exclusive contract with MBK Entertainment expired. 

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