Park Ha-sun’s “younger brother” has been promoted to “her husband”: “I’m deeply moved” 

Actor Oh Dong-min expressed his feelings about working with Park Ha-sun as a couple in “First Child.”

On the afternoon of Oct 27th, a press preview of the movie “First Child” was held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Director Huh Jung-jae, actors Park Ha-sun, Oh Dong-min, Gong Sung-ha and Oh Min-ae attended the event.

oh dong min

On this day, Oh Dong-min said, “In the weekday drama ‘Lovers at Three P.M’, Park Ha-sun appears as my sister,” adding, “I was deeply moved that I went from being her younger brother to being her husband.”

Oh Dong-min added, “I roughly guessed that Park Ha-sun was in a difficult time at the time of filming, but I didn’t know that it was this difficult,” adding, “I think she was more professional than I thought.”

oh dong min

Oh Dong-min said, “I really relied on her a lot, and I felt that I was working with good actors, thanks to which I could film with good energy.”

Park Ha-sun smiled and said, “Oh Dong-min acted so well and I really wanted to meet him again but didn’t know we would reunite right away. I feel so glad about that”.

oh dong min

She confessed, “I enjoyed the filming of ‘Love Affairs in the Afternoon’ because I had not acted for a while before that. But the filming of “First Child” was my dark time”.

Park Ha-sun said, “I was depressed wondering why I was working so hard. And he gave me strength every time”, adding “Oh Dong-min is a bright and positive person. I felt so thankful that he made me stronger whenever I was with him”.

park ha sun

“First Child” depicts the stories of women in our modern time who face a world in which they cannot rely on anyone or stand alone when returning to work after parental leave through countless dilemmas at work and at home. It will premiere on November 10th.

Source: Wikitree

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