“Alchemy of Souls 2” showered in praise with rising ratings and stunning female lead

The audience was concerned over “Alchemy of Souls” changing the female lead in its 2nd season, but now, they have been swayed. 

Despite having aired only 4 episodes, “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow” (Alchemy Of Souls 2) is already being showered in praise – a completely different reaction compared to the initial worries. In particular, when it was first announced that actress Jung So Min is leaving the project and being replaced with Go Yoon Jung, criticisms were raised and directed at the latter. In addition, many expressed their confusion at how the transformation from Jung So Min and Go Yoon Jung will be explained, as the original body of Naksu (Go Yoon Jung) was already burned. 

lee jae wok alchemy of souls
Jung So Min left “Alchemy of Souls” after the 1st season
go yoon jung lee jae wook alchemy of souls
Go Yoon Jung now assumes the role of the female lead 

Nevertheless, the tide was completely turned after the first episodes of “Alchemy of Souls 2” were aired. While there are still some complaints over the series basically restarting, “Alchemy of Souls 2” still got a decent head start and has over time, tied up the loose ends of season 1. After 4 episodes, there are no longer downpours of criticisms, but instead praise, curiosity, and topics of discussions about newly-introduced plot details. Episode 4 of this season also recorded a viewership rating of 8.4%, showing high potential. 

At the same time, Go Yoon Jung is also making a deep impression as the new female lead. She has appeared for a couple of minutes in season 1, playing the original Naksu – who is cold, sharp, and willing to kill without any hesitation. In season 2, however, she is softer, more feminine, and brighter, earning the love of many people who watch the show. In addition, Go Yoon Jung’s acting performance has shown vast improvements, and she can play both emotional scenes and the more hilarious ones. 

go yoon jung alchemy of souls
Go Yoo Jung is known for her gorgeous visuals 
go yoon jung alchemy of souls
The actress managed to pull off the cute and hilarious side of her character, continuing the steps of Jung So Min

Finally, despite the main couple not yet remembering their past relationship, they already got quite many heart-fluttering scenes together.The chemistry between Go Yoon Jung and leading actor Lee Jae Wook is so far convincing, and is expected to blossom more as the series go on. 

go yoon jung lee jae wook alchemy of souls
The main couple kissed in the latest episode 

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