“Oh my, I can’t do this”, Park Eun Bin sheds tears as “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ended

Actress Park Eun Bin, who played the female lead in hit K-drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, sheds tears as she shares her thoughts on the ending. 

On August 20th, broadcasting channel ENO released a video of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” cast members doing their closing greeting. 

The video showed main actors such as Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, Kang Ki Young, Joo Hyun Young, Ha Yoon Kyung, and Joo Jong Hyeok

park eun bin

Here, Park Eun Bin, who played the female lead, said: “I’m Park Eun Bin, who assumed the role of Woo Young Woo in ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’. I just finished my last shoot.” 

She then bowed her head, adding: “I sincerely thank the viewers for their love and support for ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’.”

park eun bin

Then, Park Eun Bin, who was carefully choosing her next words, covered her face with the bouquet she was holding, as if her emotions were overflowing. “I think it has been a long time since I last felt this way… Oh my, I can’t do this”, she said as she teared up. 

The actress then continued in a tearful voice: “I was happy to meet such good people and have so much fun filming, but I had a great sense of responsibility to finish things well and healthy. I want to tell myself that I did a great job today.”

park eun bin

She also expressed her gratitude, saying: “I sincerely thank all the staff of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, who worked so hard. Thanks to you, I was able to finish filming well until today.”

Finally, Park Eun Bin concluded: “It was a huge opportunity to play Woo Young Woo, who is becoming more and more excited as a decent member of society, and think about what impact she could have while acting freely and doing what she loves. Thank you so much for loving Young Woo. I love you all.”

park eun bin

The K-drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” follows the genius and autistic Woo Young Woo, who tries to survive in the professional world as a lawyer of a large law firm.

The series’ last episode, which aired on August 18th, recorded a viewership rating of 17.5, breaking personal records.

Source: wikitree

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