Park Bo-young Reserved Lim Young-woong’s Concert Ticket By Herself

Actress Park Bo-young amazed netizens with her unexpected update of a successful concert ticket reservation

On April 10th, Park Bo-young uploaded on Instagram a photo showing the actress’s successful reservation of a ticket to Lim Young-woong’s concert, which opened ticketing earlier on the same day.

Couldn’t hide her excitement, Park Bo-young released the photo with a caption, exclaiming “Oh My God, it’s happening ㅠㅠ”. She added some emoticons of crying faces and wrote “Mom, Dad…”, to hide the ticket reservation numbers on the picture.

park bo young lim young min

Park Bo-young successfully booked a ticket for the 2024 concert of singer Lim Young-woong, known for fierce ticketing competition. Ticket reservations for Lim Young-woong’s 2024 concert “IM HERO – THE STADIUM” began at 8 p.m. on the same day. It attracted nearly 400,000 users on the Interpark Ticket website, causing the server to crash.

As many people still couldn’t get a ticket, the news of Park Bo-young’s successful ticketing caused many people to envy her. In response, many netizens commented in online communities and SNS, saying “I’m so jealous”, “How did she get it?”, “Please give me some tips”, “I can just cry”, etc.

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