Park Bo-young Opens Up About Herself, “I’m Not A Kind Person And Cannot Reveal My Biggest Deviation”

Actress Park Bo-young emphasized that she’s not a kind person

On November 10th, Park Bo-young had an interview in Anguk-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, and talked about her recent work, which is Netlix’s series “Daily Dose of Sunshine”.

“Daily Dose of Sunshine” follows nurse Jung Da-eun (Park Bo-young), who begins working at a psychiatric ward for the first time, and depicts various stories in the world and about people with broken hearts meeting in the psychiatric ward. Based on the webtoon of the same name by former nurse Lee Ra-ha, this series was jointly produced by “All of Us Are Death” director Lee Jae-kyu and screenwriter Lee Nam-kyu, who wrote “Beyond Your Touch” and “The Light in Your Eyes”.

Park Bo-young

With her lovely charm and solid acting skills, Park Bo-young perfectly portrayed the role of Jung Da-eun, a third-year nurse with a kind smile and warm heart. Getting transferred to the psychiatric ward, it is not easy for her to adapt to a new environment but she treats patients with sincerity and grows into a brave person.

Ranking No.1 on Netflix Korea right after its release, “Daily Dose of Sunshine” is receiving compliments for breaking prejudice against the psychiatric ward and mental illness with its realistic but pleasant stories.

During the interview, Park Bo-young shared, “I’m not a kind person”, adding “I easily get angry. I can’t reveal my biggest deviation because it can’t be considered cute. I show my deviation many times and get angry a lot. The director said he never got angry, but of course, I’ve seen his angry side.”

She continued, “I left home once when I was 21”, adding “During puberty period, I listened to my mom and dad well, but once I became an adult, I left home. I turned off my phone and went to the beach. Such an action was not allowed in our house.”

Park Bo-young shared, “I’m grateful that everyone thinks I’m a bright and kind person, but that also makes me feel worried because I’m not really like that”, adding, “I think I’ve become more comfortable now. I used to think I should be kind to everyone, but now my mind has changed and I believe that I don’t have to be seen that way”.

The actress said, “There was no particular point that made me change. It just happened after I went through a lot of things and gained experiences”, adding “These days, I really like saying ‘That could happen’. I accept situations and understand things more easily. When something happens and I can’t fix it, I would just accept it and move on. I guess I’ve aged.”

Meanwhile, “Daily Dose of Sunshine” is available on Netflix.

Source: Naver

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