Park Bo Gum accepts Mimi’s apology on “Earth Arcade” and mentions her as the next Ice Bucket challenger

Actor Park Bo Gum revealed himself as a fan of “Earth Arcade 2”.

On a broadcast of tvN’s “Earth Arcade 2” that aired last month, Oh My Girl Mimi challenged the character quiz for a meal mission.

At that time, when the PD showed a photo of Lee Seo Jin, Mimi guessed “Cute Kim Seo Jin”, drawing laughter. When the members said senior actor Lee Seo Jin really likes “Earth Arcade 2”, Mimi replied, “You don’t really like me, do you?”, then bowed her head to apologize for guessing his name wrong.

However, Mimi’s wrong answer relay did not end there. Seeing the picture of Park Bo Gum, Mimi said, “Kim Bum Soo”, making everyone on the set laugh hard. The members exclaimed, “We cannot save you with this answer”. In the end, Mimi publicly apologized to Park Bo Gum, saying “Taek ah, I love you”. (Taek is Park Bo Gum’s character in the drama “Reply 1988”)

Park Bo Gum Oh My girl Mimi

Later on July 11th, Park Bo Gum posted a video of his Ice Bucket Challenge on Instagram and added the caption, “Receiving the baton from senior singer Sean, I participate in the 2023 Ice Bucket Challenge for the establishment of the first Lou Gehrig’s disease healthcare hospital in Korea. I sincerely wish for the good health and happiness of Lou Gehrig’s disease patients and their families”.  The video shows the actor pouring ice water over himself.

Park Bo Gum then pointed out actor Kwak Dong Yeon, The Boyz Q, and Oh My Girl Mimi as the next runners of this challenge.

park bo gum

What surprises netizens is that apart from Kwak Dong Yeon and The Boyz Q, who are known to be friends with Park Bo Gum, Mimi has no particular connection with the actor. Seeing this, netizens commented, “I guess Park Bo Gum watched ‘Earth Arcade’”, “He must have watched the show and found Mimi’s mistake funny”, “He accepted Mimi’s apology?”, etc.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum will hold a fanmeeting to mark his 12th debut anniversary at the Olympic Hall in Seoul on August 11th – 12th. He has also confirmed his musical debut through “Let Me Fly”, which will be performed for the first time on September 26th at Yest 24 Stage 1 in Daehak-ro, Seoul.

Source: Wikitree

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