No high-five for foreign audiences? Crush explains the racism controversy during his live performance

Singer Crush explained the controversy after he was accused of refusing to high-five a foreign audience during his performance.

On Oct 10th, Crush posted a long post on Instagram, saying, “I hope there will be no more misunderstanding regarding the situation that occurred during my performance at the ‘2022 SOMEDAY PLEROMA’ festival yesterday.”

Earlier on Oct 9th, Crush appeared and performed at the ‘2022 SOMEDAY PLEROMA’ held at Yonsei University’s open stage.

Crush sang “Beautiful” while continuing to communicate with the audience watching the stage, such as holding hands and high-fiving, when the audience in some areas reached out their hands.


Later on Twitter, a foreign audience who could not hold Crush’s hand at the time posted a video and claimed that he refused to touch their hands because they had dark skin. “He touched the hands of all the audience next to us, only we were ignored, and he skipped us. This is blatant discrimination.”

As the controversy erupted, Crush explained the situation, saying, “At that time, I wanted to approach the fans even a little more, so I approached the fans who were watching from the designated seats and gave them a high five.”

In the process, fans who wanted to get close to me flocked to the front of the fence, and it became excessive, due to which I did some gestures to tell them to be careful in a certain section for the safety of the fans. I think my gesture was seen as a high-five rejection,” he explained.


Crush also said, “I’m really upset and heavy-hearted because I think my desire to get a little closer to my fans brought up such misunderstanding and disappointment,” adding, “I have an infinite gratitude and affection for everyone who supports me, thanks to which I can sing and stand on stage.” He added, “I will pay more attention to prevent such misunderstandings from happening in the future.”

Crush has recently released his new song “Rush Hour (feat. j-hope of BTS)” and is actively promoting.

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