P NATION led by Psy announces special news 3 years after its establishment

P NATION, founded and led by Psy, will launch its first idol group. 

At midnight on March 29th, the debut date and official logo image of the boy group TNX (The New Six) were revealed through P NATION’s official SNS accounts.


According to the released post, TNX will release its debut album at 6 p.m on May 17th. The official logo image and the group’s name TNX give off an intense and powerful aura, catching the eyes of netizens.

TNX is a rookie group consisting of six members, including Choi Tae-hun, Woo Kyung-joon, Jang Hyun-soo, Chun Joon-hyuk, Eun Hwi, and Oh Sung-jun, who were chosen for P NATION’s final debut lineup in the boy group project show “LOUD” aired on SBS last year.


At the time the members were appearing in “LOUD”, they drew keen attention with their extraordinary talents and diverse charms. In particular, they showed significant developments through each round with the delicate instruction of P NATION’s CEO Psy and left a deep impression on the viewers with their enthusiastic passion for the stage and strong teamwork. 

Founded by Psy in 2019, P NATION was then joined by many well-known artists, such as Hyuna, Dawn, Jessi, Heize, and Crush. Fans are raising high expectations for the debut and performances of TNX, the first idol group to be introduced 3 years after P NATION’s establishment. 

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