Owing to the unrealistic plot, several actors once declined to participate in ‘Squid Game’

That’s partly why ‘Squid Game’ was rejected over and over again.

As the world continues to ‘obsess’ over Netflix’s Squid Game, all the details related to its attract great attention from movie-lovers. Recently, director Hwang Dong Hyuk shared some interesting behind-the-scenes information regarding ‘Squid Game’. Notably, he even revealed that there were times when the film seemed almost never came to fruition.

During the conversation, the director stated that Squid Game was created and written over ten years ago, but he ran into several roadblocks while attempting to get the series to function. In particular, the series was deemed too weird and unrealistic. Therefore, Hwang was rejected by many potential investors and actors.

Hwang went on to say that he came up with the idea for Squid Game in 2008 and finished the series’ script in 2009. However, he was confronted with a slew of doubts and negative comments from those around him as “there was too much social and cultural unfamiliarity with this kind of production.” And luckily, he never gave up the Squid Game.

“I felt that the timing was premature after getting rejected by every investor. 10 years later, however, OTTs appeared and the gap between the rich and the poor started to become even greater.

The idea of succeeding with fast money also became more idealized. The combination of both and the synergy that was created between the two is what made this production come to life.”

After one week since the release, “Squid Game” got to No.1 Netflix in almost all countries. This is a huge achievement for a Korean series, bringing pride not only to Hwang Dong Hyuk but also to the country’s film industry.

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