“One Dollar Lawyer” Nam Goong Min meets Lee Je Hoon? “Taxi Driver 2” hints at special cameo appearance in recent preview

“One Dollar Lawyer” Nam Goong Min will make a special appearance in “Taxi Driver 2” next week (episode 9).

In the 8th episode of SBS’s Fri-Sat drama “Taxi Driver 2” (written by Oh Sang Ho/ directed by Lee Dan), Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon) defeated Ok Joo Man (Ahn Sang Woo), the leader of a pseudo-religious group.

After unveiling a unique and refreshing story, “Taxi Driver 2” released the preview for next week’s broadcast (episode 9) at the end of episode 8. Against the background of a hospital, the preview hinted at a new story about medical accidents, medical foundations, and their victims.


At the end of the preview video, actor Nam Goong Min appeared, saying “Excuse me”. In particular, the actor dressed exactly like his own character Chun Ji Hoon from another popular SBS drama called “One Dollar Lawyer”.

Moreover, Chun Ji Hoon even greeted Kim Do Ki. The fact that Chun Ji Hoon of “One Dollar Lawyer” and Kim Do Ki of “Taxi Driver” may appear in the same scene is raising drama fans’ expectations.

Source: Nate

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