“One Dollar Lawyer” ended early because of internal conflict? “Script was the key issue, Namgoong Min also suffered”

The reason why the drama “One Dollar Lawyer” ended earlier than planned is said to be because of the “script”.

On November 12th, on the YouTube channel “Entertainment President Lee Jin Ho”, a video titled Namgoong Min’s tears.. The real reason for ‘One Dollar Lawyer’ early ending revealed”, was uploaded following the drama’s finale. 

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“One Dollar Lawyer” recorded 15% in viewership ratings in the first eight episodes, earning not only high ratings on TV but also a high level of buzz. However, “One Dollar Lawyer”, which was supposed to be a 14-episode drama according to the original plan, was cut down to 12 episodes, and wrapped up early. 

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As for the reason why the drama was cut short despite its popularity, former entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho explained, “We can look at the problem from two aspects. First, the controversy over three cancellations of broadcasts is the main one. The controversy started on episode 9 on October 21st. Episode 9 was replaced by a special broadcast under the absurd explanation of more completeness for the drama. After that, the broadcasts were canceled again on October 28th and November 4th. This cancellation caused the drama’s rise to be sharply affected.” 

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He continued, “The second is that ‘One Dollar Lawyer’ originally had 14 episodes, but was reduced to 12 episodes. The two situations, broadcasts getting canceled and reduction of episodes, intersected with each other, causing the drama to end very regretfully. The most important reason why the cancellation kept happening was the conflict between the production company and the writer. However, SBS stated that the conflict was ‘groundless’.” 

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Lee Jin Ho added, “But reports show that the rumor of the conflict is very credible. In fact, there was a serious war between the two sides. However, as to the reason, the arguments of both sides differed.” 

Lee Jin Ho pointed out that the core of the conflict between the production company and the writers is the “script”. He explained, “The basic structure was to send the script written by the writers to the studio, complete the final version after consultation with the studio and deliver it to the filming site. The problem is that the script wasn’t written to a level that could be used on set. In the end, the studio and internal officials put their heads together to revise the script to a level that could be used on set. In particular, it is said that the delivery of the script itself continued to be delayed after the conflict with the production company intensified. There were repeated delays in filming, which had been at the pre-production level.”

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There were also testimonies against this. Lee Jin Ho shared, “There was no big problem in the beginning. However, it is said that many parts of the script written by the writers were revised after it was sent to the studio. As such a problem was repeated, the conflict exploded, resulting in broadcast postponement.”

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Lee Jin Ho said, “Viewers and actors became victims due to the war of nerves between the production company and the writers. The main actor Namgoong Min had a special affection for this work to the extent that he expressed his desire for season 2 in the middle of the work. However, as the conflict arose over the script, he also seems to have suffered a lot. Due to the conflict between the production company and the writers, it seems difficult for the current production team and actors to accompany each other even if season 2 is produced. This is because the drama copyright belongs to the writers.”

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He added, “The real reason for the early ending from episode 14 to 12 was the conflict between the studio and the writers. It is said that the work could no longer continue because the script didn’t come out.”

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Meanwhile, SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “One Dollar Lawyer” ended on Nov 11th.

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